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Ambulance Transport

Swift & Secure: MediLink Ambulance Transport for Safe Medical Journeys

Are you in need of reliable and professional ambulance transport services? Look no further than MediLink’s Ambulance Division. Whether it’s for public or private sectors, our highly skilled and trained staff, ranging from EMTs to Advanced Paramedics, are ready to respond to your journey requests, ensuring your safety and well-being throughout the process.

Stretcher & Wheelchair Capable

Our ambulances are equipped to accommodate both stretcher-bound patients and those requiring wheelchair accessibility. We prioritise comfort and ease of transportation, ensuring a smooth journey for all individuals.

Air Suspension

With air suspension technology, our ambulances provide a comfortable and stable ride, minimising vibrations and impact during transit. This ensures a safer and more comfortable experience for patients, especially those with medical conditions that require extra care.

Satellite Tracking & Navigation

We utilise advanced satellite tracking and navigation systems in our ambulances, enabling us to efficiently navigate routes and respond promptly to any location. This technology ensures that we can reach you quickly, regardless of your geographical location.

Patient Handling Equipment

Our ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art patient handling equipment, including stretchers, lift systems, and transfer chairs. These tools enable our medical professionals to safely and securely handle patients during loading, unloading, and transportation.

Resuscitation Equipment

Our ambulances are equipped with the necessary resuscitation equipment, including defibrillators and cardiac drugs, ensuring that our medical staff can provide immediate life-saving interventions when needed.

Onboard Diagnostic Equipment

To aid in rapid assessment and accurate diagnosis, our ambulances are equipped with onboard diagnostic equipment. This allows our medical professionals to gather vital information and provide appropriate care during the transportation process.

Piped Oxygen

For patients requiring oxygen therapy, our ambulances are equipped with piped oxygen systems. This ensures a continuous supply of oxygen throughout the journey, promoting comfort and stability for patients with respiratory needs.

Spinal & Trauma Equipment

In cases of spinal injuries or trauma, our ambulances are equipped with specialized equipment, such as spinal boards and immobilization devices. This enables our medical staff to provide safe and secure transportation for patients with critical injuries.

At MediLink, we take pride in our comprehensive ambulance transport services. With a focus on quality, safety, and efficiency, we ensure that you receive the highest level of care during every journey. Trust our experienced staff and well-equipped ambulances to deliver exceptional medical transportation, putting your well-being first.

Event Cover

Your Partner in Ensuring Safety & Well-being

Are you organising an event and need reliable medical cover? Wondering how to ensure the safety and well-being of your staff and visitors? Look no further than MediLink Ambulance Service. Our dedicated management team is here to provide you with tailored medical solutions to meet all your event requirements.

Are you confident in your event’s medical preparedness? Can you rely on a team that offers comprehensive support from planning to post-event reporting? At MediLink, we understand the importance of seamless event medical cover. With our expertise and experienced staff, we offer a complete package of medical services, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the entire event.

We proudly serve a diverse range of prestigious events and organisations, including Taste of Dublin, Bloom, Aviva Stadium, Leinster Rugby,IRFU, VHI Healthcare, and Galway Races. Our strong partnerships with these esteemed entities speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and reliability.

Our stand-alone services are designed to meet your specific needs:

Risk Assessment & Advice

We provide professional advice on medical requirements, conducting comprehensive risk assessments to ensure the appropriate level of medical cover for your event.

Best Practice & Staff Requirements

Our experienced team offers guidance on best practices and staff requirements, ensuring you have the right personnel in place to handle any medical emergencies.

Liaison with Statutory Health Services

We work closely with statutory health services, maintaining clear communication and coordination to ensure a seamless integration of medical services during your event.

Medical Major Incident Planning

We assist in the planning and preparation for major incidents, ensuring that your event is equipped to handle any unforeseen medical emergencies.

Event Day Cover

From fully equipped ambulances to first aid personnel, cycle response units, emergency first responders, state registered emergency medical technicians, paramedics, advanced paramedics, nurses, and doctors, we offer a comprehensive range of medical professionals and resources to meet the demands of your event.

At MediLink, our focus is the safety and well-being of all participants. Our dedicated team, equipped with the latest medical equipment and expertise, is ready to respond swiftly to any medical situations that may arise. Contact MediLink about Event Cover today!

Medical Repatriation

Bringing you Safely Back Home

Looking for a reliable medical repatriation service? Our comprehensive repatriation service includes arranging both air and road ambulance transport, ensuring the safe and efficient transfer of patients between mainland Europe and hospitals.

We have repatriated patients from Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and many other parts of Europe. Rest assured that MediLink has extensive experience in safely bringing people back to Ireland. We work closely with leading medical insurance providers, the travel industry, repatriation companies, public and private companies, hospitals, and the private health sector to provide exceptional repatriation services.

Our skilled staff specialises in arranging the best options tailored to your needs, optimising journey times while prioritising patient comfort and safety. From air ambulances and scheduled air flights to ferry services, road ambulances, medical escorts, and airport transfers, we handle all aspects of the repatriation process.

Patient care is our top priority, not only clinically but also in terms of comfort. We offer both road ambulances and ambulance cars to cater to different patient requirements. Our meticulous planning ensures transfer routes that prioritise patient comfort and avoid unnecessary delays.

For cross-border transfers within Europe, our team goes above and beyond in planning and providing exceptional patient care. We have successfully repatriated numerous patients from the European mainland to Ireland, offering cost-effective road transfer solutions while maintaining the highest level of care.

At MediLink, we understand the importance of peace of mind during challenging times. That’s why we work seamlessly with customer medical insurance to ensure that the cost of repatriation is covered. Our sympathetic approach to patient comfort and meticulous attention to detail sets us apart in delivering outstanding repatriation services.
Ready to bring your loved ones safely back home?


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